Pendraken December releases

Pendraken Miniatures have announced their December 10mm historical miniature and terrain releases.

10mm figures

From their announcement:

This month sees a couple of new figure codes, some new scenery, and more additions to our Basing and Trees ranges. We’ll be working overtime over the Xmas period to mould up all kinds of stuff ready for a big January release.
A quick note as well, we now have a shiny new laser machine sitting in the corner, so we can now supply any size of bases you require. Drop us an email with your requirements, and we’ll get them sorted for you.


  • SYR30 Horse grenadiers, winter coat (15) £3.25



  • BR152 Parachutist, descending (10) £1.10

Resin Scenics

  • PS51 Damaged 20th C. Terrace house £3.00
  • PS52 Hedgerow, straight, 60mm (4) £2.50
  • PS53 Hedgerow, 90? corner (4) £2.50
  • PS54 Hedgerow, bend, 55mm (4) £2.50
  • PS55 Hedgerow, field entrance (2) £1.50
  • PS56 Dry stone wall, straight, 80mm (3) £2.50
  • PS57 Dry stone wall, bend, 75mm (3) £2.50

Scenery And Basing

MDF Bases

  • PNBA8 40x15mm (18) £1.00
  • PNBA9 50x25mm (12) £1.00


  • PNTX4 Fine, olive green, 25g £2.10

Static Grass

  • PNSG4 3-4mm, dark green, 25g £2.30
  • PNSG5 3-4mm, moorland green, 25g £2.30


  • PNTR7 Coniferous, 85mm (4) £2.50
  • PNTR8 Coniferous, 118mm, plastic trunks (3) £2.50