Pen and Lead Reviews Secret Weapon Miniatures Sack O’ Corpses

By Polar_Bear
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Oct 24th, 2013

Pen & Lead has a review up of the Sack O’ Corpses set from Secret Weapon Miniatures.


From the review:

The blog Pen and Lead recently did a review of Secret Weapon Miniatures release Sack O’ Corpses. Just in time for Halloween. Jump on over and see what was said about the grotesque bits.

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  • Gallant

    Thanks for the review. The pictures show off the parts to good effect, but I have to agree with you that $20 seems a bit steep, especially for bit that are little more than set dressing for gaming scenery.

  • Many thanks for the review!

    I had actually hoped to bring the “Sack O’ Corpses” to market with a lower price — but we are effectively giving you two resin infantry figures, and because we support local game stores via wholesale discounts, that’s what we have to sell them for.

    If it were actually a whole zombie, the price would be spot on — we just broke it up into gory, gruesome bits!

  • Thanks for the comments. I do want people to keep in mind that prices for hobby components/items are a luxury and subjective to each person’s individual allotment of surplus cash.

    Meaning, each of us are different and each of us have our own personal line to consider when evaluating the price of our hobby purchases.

    If you needed this item for a project to make it stand out, the cost may effectively be lower or worth it. If you just needed the item to “have it,” the cost may not be as justified. Again, it’s subjective, so take it as you will.

    But, once again, thanks for the comments on the review.