Pen and Dice display from InktoEdge available on Etsy

InktoEdge creates individually-designed Pen and Dice Displays and has them available over on Etsy.

From them to you:

Hand made D20 Pens with Dice display Stand. Perfect for gaming nights. Keep your weapons at the ready.

Selling on ETSY if interested.

  • mazery

    Thank you so much for posting these. I really want to support the community of table top gamers. If you would like something more in your style of gaming or different dice I can and will do. they are all hand made and one of kind.

    I work in school and see so much benefit to role playing and tabletop gaming, being able to act as another person is the first step to empathy.

    • Soulfinger

      Gaming also provides valuable insights into looting treasure from corpses and measuring things in six inch increments . . . and empathy.

  • mazery

    lol. math is always helpful.