Paymaster Games’ Going Native range is off to the caster

The first figures in Paymaster Games‘ Going Native range are about to be cast.

Mayan General and Pacific NW Headman

From their announcement:

I am proud to announce the first models for the Going Native lines have reached the caster and will be ready for GenCon. The models come from the Post-classical Mayan and Pacific Northwest Tribes lines. Here is a quick break down of what is coming for each line –

  • Mayan General
  • Mayan Holcan Professional Soldier w/ 4 different head options
  • Mayan Militia Archer w/ 4 different head options
  • Pacific NW Headman
  • Pacific NW Totem-man w/ 4 different head options
  • Pacific NW Nootka/Salish Cloaked Clubbers w/ 4 different options

Prices are to be announced and pre-orders are being considered at this time. Trust me I will keep you updated as I get more information. Please enjoy the photos of the greens, and let me know what you think.

Raza Decon