Paulson Games Bits Find New Home

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Jan 26th, 2014
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Paulson Games announced the closing of their website a couple weeks ago in order to focus on Mecha Front. Well, people were sad they were going to miss out on the bits they used to order. So Paulson has teamed up with Mad Robot Miniatures to still bring you those bits.
Gamers are still responsible for finding their own kibbles, however.


From the announcement:

Over the last two weeks I’ve gotten quite a few emails about how my bits line will be missed and asking if there is any way to keep them in production. I’ve always appreciated the fact that so many people get enjoyment from my products and the support you have shown over the years has been great. I haven’t wanted that to end, unfortunately I don’t have the time available to keep the bits line going. However I did explore several options and after much discussion I’ve decided to allow Steve from Mad Robot Miniatures to take over my range of products under a license agreement.

Steve is good friend of mine and I believe that he’ll be an excellent choice to uphold the quality of casting and level of customer service that my customers have come to expect. He does outstanding work with his own line of parts and I know he’ll continue to do the same with the addition of my product line.

It’ll likely be a few weeks before he has the molds up and running but make sure to bookmark his website for your future mech part needs.

This only applies to the assorted parts (bits) from the Paulson Games website. Mecha Front items will continue to be available on the Mecha Front website.

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  • 4tonmantis

    I was thrilled when I saw this.. though slightly bummed that I rushed an order of bits based on the original closure news.

    I think it would be cool if the two actually planned out some collaborations in the future to be honest 😉