Pathfinder Battles Unpainted Minis Now Available

By Polar_Bear
In Fantasy
Mar 23rd, 2017

Some of us love to paint. Some of us don’t. Personally, I fall into the “don’t” category, but I certainly can understand why others do enjoy it. For those that want to have your own RPG minis in the colors you want, you can now pick up the Pathfinder Battles Deep Cuts minis. They’re unpainted, sort of like Reaper’s Bones minis.

From the website:

Collect all figures from the Deep Cuts™ line of unpainted miniatures by WizKids.
Available Now!

Ok, so they’re people of few words on their website.


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  • Davos Seaworth

    There is also a companion D&D unpainted minis line (“Nolzur’s Marvelous Unpainted Minis”) that was also just released.

    And just to be clear, these are typical hard-plastic minis. Reaper Bones are made of a special, white, bendy material, kind of like solidified toothpaste. It doesn’t do a great job of holding detail, so these new WizKids efforts are better in that regard.

    I just wish they would put a big-box together so you weren’t forced into buying them each onesy-twosy, especially since there are already 30 different D&D pairs, and more to come.

    • odinsgrandson

      These are made of HIPS? Or ABT? How many pieces do they come in?

      (Bones are PVC- we can just call it PVC).

      Honestly, I’m kind of put off by the fact that they’re only showing renders (since it looks like they’re trying to compete with Bones for low pricing, I can’t help but worry that they’re losing most of that detail in casting).

      • Ghool

        I’ve seen photos of actual minis – they blow Bones away.
        Those pics are taken with a potato. I still have no idea why, in the age of smart phones, that we still get pics of the poor quality as above.
        The minis I have seen look great, and seem to be made of PVC.

        These are going to compete with Bones. Big time.

        • odinsgrandson

          Any chance you can link me to them?

          I’ve seen pictures of the 3d prints (which all look fantasitc) but I honestly could not find any decent pictures of the minis themselves except for the awful potato photos.

          (It is lighting, not the camera, that makes the photos like this work or fail).

          • Ghool

            This was the only one I managed to track down:


            The detail looks crisper than Bones, and the plastic seems to be PVC – I could be wrong, as the shoulder bit makes it appear to be a softer material.
            The comments so far have been positive that I have read.

          • VanosOfManos

            I picked up a bunch of them on Wednesday. They’re amazing quality, especially in comparison to other Wizkids sculpts which tend to not impress me much. The D&D line, to my eyes, seems to be a bit sharper than the Pathfinder line, but they’re both quite nice. For the price, they’re definitely nicer than Bones (hard to admit as I love Bones), and the pre-priming is a nice touch. I hope to get some painted tomorrow.

          • odinsgrandson

            I bet that the Pathfinder and D&D minis are the same material/process.

            From what I’ve seen of the renders, the D&D minis are going for a LOT less detail in the sculpt- and that would lead to them turning out a bit better in cheap PVC.

          • odinsgrandson

            Ok- much larger picture. Thanks a bunch.

            Definitely PVC by the look of it (bendiness).

            The detail doesn’t look any crisper than bones to me (especially the newer material). But that mini does look like it was sculpted with the limitations of the material in mind.

            Which is actually my concern- it seems the D&D line has a lot less fiddly detailing than the Pathfinder line- and I’m having a tough time imagining some of it coming out well in the plastic.

            And that’s a shame because I really like some of those detailed renders.

            But here’s hoping. For four bucks I can just find out myself.

  • Frits Kuijlman

    But we already have unpainted metal minis by Reaper. What does this add to the market?

    • Much cheaper. I believe the MSRP is $4 for 2 miniatures. They are reportedly much better quality than Reaper Bones.

      • Chad_Caughmann

        Based on the photo Odin linked above, they don’t look better than Reaper Bones…they look comparable. I think a lot of people are basing their impressions on the renders, not the actual production pieces.

  • Frits Kuijlman

    If it’s the quality of Reaper metals at that price that would be a miracle.

    • odinsgrandson

      And every picture we’ve seen has been a render…

    • Why would they be the quality of a product that cost 5 times the price? These are for beginning painters (probably kids). If you like working with metal, then this is probably not aimed at you.

      • odinsgrandson

        You’re overestimating Reaper’s metal prices a bit. Pathfinder heroes are $6-$8 (a lot are $7.50). 3-4 times the price.

        But I think you’re right- what we have here is a competitor for Bones- good minis for the price. They’re not here to try and show up the much better things being done in pewter, resin or higher quality plastics.

        • I generally use Dark Sword which are a little more expensive ($10-12). I think these will be really good for painting classes which pretty much every community could use more of.

          • odinsgrandson

            Well, Dark Sword minis kick ass- they’re my go-to for competition pieces.

            But it is good to have cheaper minis in the world as well- that will be nice.

  • odinsgrandson

    Ok, I found a reviewer that took photos of the minis themselves, so I gabbed renders for comparison:

    Here’s the render:–Nolzurs-Unpainted-Vampires.jpg

    Here’s the mini itself:×576.jpg

    Looks like a lot of lost detail to me- and on a mini that doesn’t have very much to lose. I probably need to handle some of them myself to really see.

    His review was a positive one- Here’s a link

  • BDub

    Why is it that every PC mini I can find using (not carrying) a bow is alwlays female, an elf, or and elven female? Wtf?