Path of the Archon and Writing a Trilogy – by Andy Chamber

By Polar_Bear
In 40K
May 6th, 2014

The Shell Case has an article by Andy Chambers wherein he talks a bit about writing fiction for a gaming world and in-particular, about writing trilogies.
Yeah, it’s maybe a side-step from the usual TGN posts, but I figured you’d all still be interested.

The Path Trilogy


From the post:

Andy Chambers, in a guest article for The Shell Case, talks about writing, how to write and the challenges of writing a trilogy. Full of insight and inspiration, Andy reveals much of his process for writing the Black Library Dark Eldar trilogy.

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  • Soulfinger

    I’m so torn, because on one hand I am interested in what Andy Chambers has to say. On the slightly larger hand, he is talking about Warhammer Fiction, which is generally just, “They strode through the carnage amidst the clatter of bolter fire, whirring chainswords, and purple prose. Angela loosened the strings of her Amish bodice — woops!’ I always mix up teenage boy serial fiction and middle-aged woman romance novels.

    • KelRiever

      Okay, I bet Andy Chambers is a really cool guy. And you know what? He’s been around a little bit there, however, let me say the following:

      NO edition of 40k has ever been a good game.

      There, I said it. 2nd edition sucks AS BAD (I said as bad, literally no better than) 3rd edition, or 4th or 6th.

      40 was never good. People are simply nostalgic.

      The only think 2nd edition gets credit for, is supposedly a later edition of the game would improve it. And it is pretty clear at this point, there are 6 editions of 40k, all of which have not improved the game in any way that matters, but they are more expensive and they have mostly gotten people to buy them.

      Miniature game people do not want good games, because none exist. Miniature people want models, to feel they are at the head of an army, and a good excuse of something they call a game, and then they make a million justifications why they play bad games.

      No preaching here. I play miniature games. I will never pretend they are any good. Because none of them are. Whether put out by Andy Chambers, Jervis Johnson, Jason Soles, Tommy Twofingers, Sir John Kickstarterrobber, or any one of the hosts of people who are out there making rules for games where you paint the miniatures.

      So be torn all you want. I generally recommend getting a free downloaded copy from somewhere of whatever it is you want to read, checking it out, and then buying it if you like it, all joking aside.

      • KelRiever

        Oh and yes I know this is about fiction. Still applies. You know how there are no good games that are miniature games?

        There is also no good fiction for games that are miniature games.

        And that includes Dan Abner, you Black Library fans.

  • Smokestack

    Ooh does the bodice have skulls on it? What did Angela do next… Oh wait that wasn’t real? … Of course that wasn’t real… I was uh just joking… I could care less about Angel and her chain sword and bodice… Really

    • Soulfinger

      They Don’t Have Sex Until the End
      a WH40K story by Soulfinger

      The Sisters of Battle advanced on the enemy, their Imperial hips gyrating with each step, their muscles taut and expectant. Sophia Patronus licked her lips with the battle-hardened sensuality of a steel clad raspberry brushed across a crimson wound. She hefted her bolter and let loose a staccato clatter of death with deadly precision and even deadlier effect that impressed even her deadened emotions. The enemy cultists were snuffed out like candles on a grim and foreboding cake. Also, there were Space Marines from the Star Phantoms chapter just ripping the crap out of the Flickering Blades Chaos Marines, who gave as good as they got.

      Suddenly, and completely unexpectedly, an errant lasgun blast rent Sophia’s power armored bodice asunder! She looked at her chest, the heaving ample flesh of her bosom revealed under the light of Giedi Secundus’ hot red sun. Rage swelled there over the desecration of her sacred armor, the vestal aegis of her saintly order. She scanned the battlefield looking for the culprit, and then their eyes locked. It was Edward from the Twilight franchise!!! He had survived all of these millennium and now stood, a brooding presence upon the battlefield, sparkling like Stephanie Meyer’s creative genius. He was dressed in the garb of a Slannesh champion, a designer cashmere sweater tied around his neck like a mantle, a mesh tank top t-shirt, jelly bracelets, pleather pants from Hot Topic, and a displacement field, which was invisible but Sophia could sense it.

      To Be Continued . . .

      • odinsgrandson

        *holds breath, riveted.

      • estrus

        Be still my quivering thighs

      • Nicolay

        But where is David Hasselhoff? Sorry Soulfinger, your story is lame without him.

      • “To Be Continued…”

        on some other site, I hope. :p

        • Soulfinger

          Awww shucks! I was going to continue it every time there was a GW post.

          And sorry Nicolay, no Hasselhoff. He’s more Warhammer Fantasy. Tom Selleck and the Golden Girls are more 40K friendly.

      • KelRiever

        tbh 40k fic is rather chaste.


  • Talarius

    Bravo, sir. Bravo.

  • Mananarepublic

    Andy Chambers is one of the nicest, coolest people in the gaming industry! And quite the contrary to most commenters here I will def read these books! Happy that mr chambers is involved with warhammer in some way again!