Pardulon release Kröte vehicle kit

By tgn_admin
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Apr 12th, 2011

Pardulon have added the 28mm Kröte vehicle kit to their online store.


From their website:

All-Terrain Tractor “Kröte”
7-part resin kit, consists of the car body, bumper, undercarriage and four tires.

Length 9.7 cm
Width 5.1 cm
Height 6.3 cm

  • Tommygun

    Nice looking.
    Reminds me of the hard topped version of that Chevrolet Gun Tractor.

  • PhoenixKebab

    That looks exactly like one of the versions of the Morris “Quad” Tractor (wikipedia). Really odd that they’ve given a WWII vehicle used by the allies a German name (“Toad” according to online translations). Was that the nickname the Germans used for it during WWII?

  • cybogoblin

    Not sure about the nickname, but I’ve got a lot of love for this vehicle. One of the first Airfix kits I put together way back in the day.

    It does look a little toad-like, though.

  • Kroothawk

    To be precise, this is a close copy of the Ford variant of the Morris Quad, with models by Italeri and Tamiya. The Airfix model was the Morris. Like Pardulon’s not-Hummer, this is slightly modified, maybe to avoid copyright issues. And I am not aware of Germans calling this one “Kröte” (=toad).

  • artbot_24

    Yeah yeah, great historical model.

    All I know is, this is the vehicle I want when the zompocalypse comes. Beefy construction, windows all give a great view over the surrounding undead horde, excellent clearance so the bodies don’t collect under the chassis and wrap around the axels, and the deadheads can’t hide underneath to nip your ankles after you’ve just fouhgt your way back to the vehicle and think you’re home-free.

    Just try and survive the undead horde in a Prius. pah!

    • J_Worley

      No doubt.

      Throw some of the chicken seals link textfrom the website in the back for a food source and you’re set. You need to club them to make the meat tender, though.