Pardulon has new terrain pieces

By Polar_Bear
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Mar 20th, 2012

Pardulon has two new resin terrain pieces to spice up your sci-fi table.

From the release:

We’ve just added two freight containers for near future or sci-fi games.

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  • tomogui

    Love these containers. I think they’re even better than the classic AT-43 ones. Good either for clean sci-fi like Infinity or for post-apoc. A bit pricey though.

  • Repeter

    Alright, that’s it, I need to find somewhere to get Pardulon’s stuff stateside. Between their ‘tin shacks’ and these cargo containers, my “Borderlands” themed table will be bee-u-tee-full.

    • Are you using the buggy from Ramshackle?

      • Repeter

        I am–picked up two at a con in November for like $4 apiece. One was conveniently pre-busted up (the plastic they use is like peanut brittle) and I will make that one a wreck. I also picked up five other truck-like vehicles and a bunch of bikes. Pandora, here I come! The Nuclear Ren line is great for cheap, obscure pick-ups for any post-apoc world. Btw, I am using the 7TV rules to create the scenario.

        On topic, has anyone bought anything from Pardulon? What was the quality like. Anyone from the States find any for sale here? Thnx.

    • Pardulon-Jens

      Shipping to the US isn’t all that pricy, 4.50 EUR for regular orders, 7.50 for larger ones. You also are not liable to pay the VAT, so US customers can deduct 19% from the displayed price (done automatically at checkout).

  • Jens won’t say it so I will, Pardulon stuff is excellent quality, buy with confidence.