Pardulon announces new post-apocalyptic shanties

By tgn_news_poster
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Oct 12th, 2011

Pardulon Models have new post-apocalyptic buildings.

From their announcement:

We have just added two more buildings to our new line of post-apocalyptic shanties. The shacks are highly modular and can be assembled in a variety of combinations.

  • supervike

    More great stuff!

  • Repeter

    Are these products available through any US distributors? If not, it’s just another batch of really cool stuff I’ll never get my hands on.

    • Pardulon-Jens

      Shipping to the US is not that expensive, plus you don’t have to pay the VAT, so you can deduct 19% of the displayed prices if you’re outside of the EU. If you create a customer account at our shop, you’ll get the prices without VAT. Look here for the cost of shipping:

      • Repeter

        Sweet–in that case, my guys are getting some tin shacks to play in.

  • antenociti

    Those are really great Jens! 🙂