Paper Make IT! releases Pillboxes and Corridors

Paper Make IT! have released a tool to create 3D Pillboxes and Corridors.


From their announcement:

Pillboxes and Corridors: a tool to create and print unfolded 3d models reproducing Sci-Fi Outposts.
With this tool you will be able to design your customized Sci-Fi Outpost.

Drag the model from the library and the system will unfold it for you adding needed flaps for gluing it.
Choose the Scale you use to play (28mm, 15mm, 10mm, 6mm, 2mm, or what you like more) and everything will be resized accordingly.

  • Change the height of your block or the length of your Corridor
  • Add personalized Logos, accessories and text as you like
  • PDFs and source files are included to start and print in seconds

Try the Free Demo