Painted Incursion Gracie model

By tgn_admin
In Board Games
May 27th, 2011

Grindhouse Games have updated their online store with photos of a painted example of the Incursion Gracie walker.


From their website:

Head on over to the online store and check her out. Tom really outdid himself.Order more stuff people! The children need to eat! 😉 Stock is in. I’m pleased by the number of “Buckets of Blood” orders we’ve had. There is no better deal in the world…

  • Grim6

    Very nice! How did these things fit into those narrow corridors though? 🙂

  • Nice looking little mech that would make a good proxie for a Sentinel in WH40k.

  • Ken

    @Grim6: I’ll bring the 3D board one Thursday and we’ll try it out. Should fit, since it appears to stay within the base’s diameter.

  • supervike

    Excellent model, excellent paint, and excellent addition to the under powered Commandos.