Pack Master Kozakar Previewed for Wrath of Kings

The previews for the next set of releases for Wrath of Kings continue coming. Goritsi is featured this time around. Pack Master Kozakar is a new character who specializes in fast deployment of the troops around him. He’s able to run ahead of the group and then call others to him, as you’ll see when you look at his stat card below the break.

The figure comes with the three pets as seen above. They act as one miniature, so no extra cards for the other wolves there. The figure fills up an 80mm base.


  • Dave

    The model is awesome. I’m a little disappointed they didn’t make him a leader and the dogs rank 1 Skorza infantry. I’ll get it, just not sure I’d use it that much given the rules.

  • hvedhrungr

    Have to second Dave here. It’s really strange they didn’t make him a leader. I could conceivably see a character such as this as a Teknes specialist, but for Goritsi, it should have been a leader.

  • mathieu

    Wow, I’d be all over a resin version of that dude!