Overkill: Mind Games at Saber’s Edge

mindgames.jpgSaber’s Edge are selling PDF copies of the Mind Kill expansion for the Overkill sci-fi rules.

From their announcement:
Saber’s Edge is proud to offer Mind Games: A supplement for Overkill.

Mind Games is an exciting and amusing game supplement for the Overkill sci-fi skirmish rules. Mind Games unlocks a whole range of psychic powers to terrorize and take-down your opponents. This supplement contains head-popping action, crazed acolytes, incoherent mind-slaves, and many other features to liven up the post-apocalypse battlefield.

The supplement also includes three scenarios that will introduce players to the new rules and allow them to gradually hone their skills (and the skills of those unfortunates who have to tackle them), as well as a section that details how this new faction can be used in OVERKILL campaign games and full rules for developing and improving psychic skills.

As if the world of Overkill wasn’t dangerous enough – now they are messing with your mind.

$7.95 USD PDF