Outrider Hobbies After Thanksgiving Sale

Outrider Hobbies are having an After Thanksgiving Sale.

From their announcement:

Hey everyone, it’s been a crazy year around Outrider Hobbies, but what would the year be without an after Thanksgiving Sale. I hope we don’t upset anyone, because that would just be a shame. Heaven forbid we have a sale at the same time as anyone else.
Anyways, what are we offering?
First, 20% off of all foam trays.  Pre-designed or custom made, doesn’t matter, just use the code “BLACKFRIDAY” and we’ll cut you a break.
Second, bundles. We have a variety of bundles that are even better deals than the 20% off.
The first are our pre-set foam bundles. No, this doesn’t mean we pick out your tray styles, just the thickness of the trays.
Our first bundle is for Heroic scale games (28-32mm), such as Warhammer. This bundle includes eight trays in a variety of thicknesses. The thicknesses and quantities are, two 1″, two 1.5″, one 2″, two 3″, and one 4″ tray. These can be customized to your needs, just let us know. This bundle is $60. (Regularly $102 if bought individually)


Our second bundle is for 15mm scale games. As these models are usually a bit smaller, and generally don’t need more than a 1.5″ tray, this bundle includes ten total trays, four 1″ and six 1.5″. Again, customized to your needs. This bundle is $60. (Regularly $120 if bought individually)
Now, both of these bundles are great on their own, but why not get something to carry them around in? Such as the Force Operations: Ranger bag. We have a combo bundle of either set of foam, and an accompanying Force Operations bag. Normally this would run you $145, but for this sale, you can get the bag and the foam for $120. (Regularly $167 or $185 if bought individually) There is still a small fee of $10 if you would like a color other than Charcoal Gray or ACU. Or $15 if you would like a different camouflage pattern. But if that is a concern, check out the next offer.
Finally, we have the Force Operations Mega Deal. Now, this obviously isn’t going to be cheap, but it’s a great deal. FIVE Ranger bags, FIVE sets of foam trays, $500. If you want any or all of the cases a different color OR camo pattern, there is a ONE TIME fee of $25. Not $25 per bag. One Time, and you can change all of the colors.
So, there you have it, one Outrider Hobbies Black Friday sale. These offers will be good until at least Monday night. If you have any questions, please feel free to email us at sales@outriderhobbies.com.
Otherwise, head on over the www.foamcorps.com and check us out.