Outpost: Amazon Now Available From IDW Games

Welcome to Outpost 2! Being accepted to work at this research facility here deep in the Amazon is an honor. Now… let’s get the hell out of here!! The natives have left. The night surveillance equipment is going crazy, and while science is certainly important, continuing breathing is more important. We’ve gotta make our way to the rescue ship. Hopefully we’ll all make it there. That’s the story behind Outpost: Amazon, the new survival card game from IDW Games. You can pick up your copy now.

From the announcement:

We have been talking about Outpost: Amazon, the next game in our co-op survival card game series from Daryl Andrews and Jon Gilmour and now it is available on store shelves. You may have already seen it there and we are looking forward to you checking it out to see if you can survive the Outpost!

Welcome to Outpost 2, located deep in the heart of the Amazon. Congratulations! Being appointed to this Outpost means you are one of the finest minds in your field of study. While you are here, it is your team’s job to collect and report on the various exotic plants and creatures native to the area.

Unfortunately, you’ve arrived during troubled times…A recent report shows that the locals have been moving away from the riverbanks over the last few weeks, and night vision surveillance has captured photos that seem too strange to be true. Now, you must make your own way down the river to the coast, where a rescue ship is waiting. Along the way, you must investigate and verify these images.