Outcast release Grizzled Grunts heads set

Outcast Tabletop Wargames have released their second set of 28mm sci-fi heads.


From their announcement:

This is Sarah from Outcast Wargames. I’ve just added our second release to the online store – a set of five ‘Grizzled Grunts’ heads, for use in converting your sci-fi and fantasy miniatures. These guys have seen some hard fighting, and carry the scars to prove it. The heads are designed for use as conversion components, and should fit pretty much any 28-32mm miniature you want to convert, whether you’re making up a crew of scurvy space pirates, cultists, scarred veterans or even (comparatively fresh.) zombies.

The sets are £2.50 each (five heads per set), or £2.00 each if you buy five or more sets.

Happy Christmas.