Otherworld preview Giant Spider

Otherworld Miniatures have posted a photos and details of their upcoming Giant Spider miniature on the Coming Soon page of their online store.

More photos can be found on the Otherworld forum.

Giant Spider

From their website:

This is another release for our Wilderness Encounters range, a truly enormous Giant Spider, again sculpted by Pedro Navarro. It is cast with a body, 2 pedipalps and 8 seperate legs. The body section alone measures around 90mm long, and when assembled, the model will measure around 140mm across. This model is not supplied with a plastic base. The main photo shows the completed sculptor’s green loosely fitted together for the photo, and with a 28mm miniature to show scale. This monster is too big for our standard blister packs, so he’ll be supplied in a foam-lined box.

Price – £25.00

Estimated release date – 3rd December 2010