Otherworld Miniatures price restructuring

Otherworld Miniatures will be updating their pricing based on increasing material costs.

From their announcement:

I’ve spent the last few days closely examining the pricing structure of all of the Otherworld Miniatures ranges. As we all know, production costs have risen considerably since I started the company 4 years ago. So far, I have been able to resist the need to increase any prices in those 4 years, but I cannot put it off any longer.

In order for Otherworld Miniatures to remain a viable business, prices will be adjusted at the start of business on Monday 15th November.

The new prices are shown in detail in a thread on the Otherworld Miniatures Forum. 47 codes have increased in price, 30 have decreased, and 43 remain unchanged, so this is a genuine restructure of pricing and not a blanket price hike.

I apologise for the need to do this, but I hope that all existing and future Otherworld customers will understand. So, if you have been thinking of picking up some of the miniatures targetted for price rises, now is a good time to do it!