Otherworld Miniatures has Dungeon Adventurers on Indiegogo

By Polar_Bear
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Sep 28th, 2012

Otherworld Miniatures has gotten their minimum funding over on Indiegogo already for their Dungeon Adventurers, so now it’s stretch goals for the next 27 days!

From the campaign:

Since 2006, Otherworld Miniatures has been producing 28mm fantasy miniatures for gamers, painters and collectors, inspired by the iconic imagery of the early roleplaying games. So far, we have just made the monsters, and with a range of nearly 400 creatures in our catalogue, we think that the time has come to introduce some player character models.
We have just launched a new crowd-funding campaign at Indiegogo, and with the help of our backers, we plan to release a boxed set of 12 human male adventurers, quickly followed by sets of demi-humans, female adventurers and hirelings & henchmen. The range of boxed sets will be complemented by individual blister-packs featuring variant models with different armour, weapon and equipment options.
The figures will be sculpted by a variety of talented sculptors, including Kevin Adams and Patrick Keith, with others joining the project later. The miniatures will depict archetypal fantasy adventurers, wearing practical clothing and armour and carrying realistic weapons and equipment. They will be posed for exploration, not combat, so they’ll look great used to depict an adventuring party in ‘marching order’.
And these characters won’t be muscle-bound superheroes waving Vorpal Swords in the air – they’ll be grim-faced dungeoneers, a little bit down on their luck, and ready for action in the deepest, darkest dungeons!

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  • Darsc Zacal

    Interesting. Haven’t backed anything on Indiegogo yet. I’ll be keeping an eye on this one as some of the concepts for upcoming characters and stretch goals sound promising. However the greens shown only superficially resemble the concept art, so I’d need to see a lot more of the actual sculpts before deciding.

  • angora

    Oh- sweet minis. Sooooo much nostaligia value for us old AD&D players!

  • mweaver

    They look really promising. We have a lot of Otherworld’s critters, and they are nice sculpts. We are certainly supporting this one.

  • Love seeing adventurer minis with some kind of torch or lantern – just adds that little extra bit of character to me. The trappings and outfits on many of Otherworld’s minis add to the whole ambience – very cool ranges. Watching this one.

  • I have a bunch of Otherworld pig-faced orcs and they are awesome! These guys do great work.