Osprey release Military History Quiz iOS app

Osprey Publishing have released the Osprey Military History Quiz as an iPhone application.

From their announcement:

A new collaboration from Osprey Publishing and Aimer Media

The Osprey Military History Quiz has long been feared and respected by its aficionados. Initially a simple online quiz to entertain the loyal customers of this well-known publisher of military history it has recently been turned into a book and an App both of which challenge the armchair general with their fiendishly difficult questions.

The Military History Quiz: Become a Four Star General, developed by Aimer Media on behalf of Osprey Publishing, features five levels of difficulty from raw recruit to the highest rank, with over 100 quizzes and 1000 questions that cover the full range of military history, from earliest times to the modern day. An initial introductory quiz is free to play but is followed by four levels which can be purchased for modest amounts, but only if you have the knowledge to complete the level before.

Richard Sullivan. Marketing Director at Osprey Publishing explains more:
“The Osprey quiz has been a popular feature of our site for years but now we are bringing it to an iPhone or iPad near you. The app allows you to records the scores including the time taken on each quiz and the number of attempts taken to get past a level. Sharing success or failure is encouraged with a built in tool which means that an email, tweet or Facebook update of a score to friends and enemies is only a touch or two away. Needless to say we won’t be allowing the Osprey Quizmaster out of his iron mask in case he tries to do a ‘Stig’ on us.”

The Military History Quiz: Become a Four Star General is available at the iTunes store