Origins Awards Category Changes Announced

By Polar_Bear
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Aug 14th, 2015

The Origins Awards, given out every year at Origins Game Fair (duh) are quite a badge of honor for those games that win. Getting the notice of The Academy of Adventure Gaming Arts & Design and getting recognized for it is something many game developers hope for. Well, the categories are changing a little for this year. They’re also bringing back the Game of the Year award.

The final categories that the GAMA membership committee decided on are:

1) Board Games
2) Card Games (includes dice and deck-building games)
3) Collectibles (all games with a collectible component)
4) Role-playing Games
5) Family Games
6) Game Accessories
7) Miniatures Games

Justin Ziran, President of WizKids and GAMA Board President said of the changes, “We formed an Origins Award committee to re-evaluate the Origins Awards, making sure they reflected the needs of today’s game industry. The changes for the Origin Awards bring the program into better alignment with the market and we’re looking forward to the Award ceremony at Origins 2016.”

Submissions for this year’s awards are being taken now. The 42nd Origins Awards will be handed out during the show next year, which will run from June 15th to the 19th.


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  • doughouseman

    Well so much for miniature game awards.

  • jeff fearnow

    Miniatures games? who plays those?


  • DE

    No miniatures game category? Despite being larger than the RPG market? A bad joke.

  • disqus_qK0mFEbiRm

    The Origins nominating system is just not friendly to the traditional miniature game industry. The recent winners have all been collectable (pre-painted & pre-assembled) miniature games, that are easier to compare against each other. GAMA couldn’t come up with a system that was equitable or attractive enough to bring in traditional miniature companies to nominate their games. A dozen copies of a card game or RPG supplement may not be that huge of an expense, but when compared to the cost to supply and ship 12 boxed starter miniature games (each retailing over $100), for a small chance to even get nominated.

  • Jeff Worley

    Honestly, I don’t think the exclusion of a miniatures category is too much of a loss. I think most folks who pay attention to the gaming industry regard the Origins awards as something of an inconsequential side show these days.

  • doughouseman

    OK – CMON’s Editor got it wrong. I just found the original, GAMA, Origins Award’s Press Release:

    There is a 7th Category:

    “The Awards had nine categories for submissions, with some broken into subcategories. In the new structure, all categories will be streamlined to include all products in that category, eliminating the subcategories. The final categories are:

    1) Board Games

    2) Card Games

    3) Collectibles

    4) Role-Playing Games

    5) Family Games

    6) Game Accessories

    7) Miniatures”

    So miniatures are still included in the awards. I am sorry I did not find it earlier.



    • Man, can’t believe I missed that in typing it up. Edited above. Thanks.

      • *checks my e-mail this morning*

        Ah, apparently I was right the first time around. It was Origins that’d messed up. The first version of the e-mail they sent out previously didn’t have Miniatures listed.

        • Odinsgrandson

          Is it just “miniatures Game” or is there a category for the sculpts themselves?