Origins 2012 interview with CMON’s David Doust

By tgn_admin
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Jun 2nd, 2012

Our own Bryan Steele got together with David at Origins to talk a bit about CMON’s upcoming projects, it’s recent growth, and the Sedition Wars Kickstarter.

  • Lucas Blackwolf

    Hope that Wrath of Kings being a “mass battle game” was a lapsus linguae (or an intepretation of term, different than mine), seeing how those minis are 15$ a piece.

    Were there any news on Confrontation Phoenix?

  • jestor

    Pretty sure the mini’s for Wrath of Kings that are currently out are Collector’s Edition mini’s and more expensive then the normal price tag. I think I saw an interview with Kevin where he said like 30-50 mini’s per side.