Organizing a board game night just got a lot easier

By Polar_Bear
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Mar 18th, 2014

Happenate is a new, free-to-use, website that helps you coordinate your events with friends.


From the website:

Have you ever had issues organizing a board game night with group of friends? Organizing where and when the event will take place, who is bringing the games, should we order pizza? We wanted to make it easier to organize group activities, so we launched

How it works:
– Pick a group activity you’d like to see happen
– Invite your friends through email or Facebook
– Happenate organizes everyone’s preferences and makes sure everything is covered
– Once everything is organized you will get a recap email telling you when and where the event is

No more dealing with a chain of emails, Happenate is the social tool for making shit happen, oh and it’s free! Added bonus: Your readers could win some board games just for organizing a board game night with Happenate. The contest closes at midnight on International Tabletop Day (April 5th)

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  • thetang22

    I can always appreciate people trying to advance the hobby, but the functionality they are talking about is already available through Facebook, and has been for quite some time (and it’s free).

    Counter-argument: Not everyone uses Facebook!

    Rebuttal: Get with the times, then! Just because you have a Facebook account doesn’t mean you have to plaster it with personal information/pics. You can use it for nothing more than staying up with events….the sort of functionality this article is about.

    • Soulfinger

      But you do need Facebook for this. You invite through email or Facebook. It is all of the convenience of those with the additional step of using this site, so it is Facebook but more obnoxious. Sorry, I will stick to hand-written invitations mailed via the post office.

    • happenator

      Hi there — I’m one of the founders of Happenate. Thanks for taking the time to check us out and share your thoughts!

      I totally get the “just use Facebook” thought. They’re the default and have built a decent solution for organizing group activities.

      We’re just getting started and have many ideas to innovate in areas FB doesn’t care about as an advertising-driven, content-focused site. We think there’s a lot of room to improve collaboration and participation, and create communities and resources around activities.

      Thanks for connecting with our starting point!


    • Robert

      Let’s consider the fact that Facebook very often withholds information from your easy viewing purely because the originator of that information didn’t Pay Facebook To Show It To You.

      This is a giant frustration to me, and I hope that Happenate can help!

  • Zemlod

    What’s wrong with just using

    • happenator

      Doodle’s great for quick scheduling. We’re tackling more — group decisions, tasks, discussions and much more to come.

  • keltheos

    Going to take a look at this. I have a couple friends who adamantly refuse to get Facebook accounts, so ‘just use FB’ is a non-starter for reasons not to use this service…assuming I can combine FB and non-FB folks in announcement groups…