Orc Shotguns from Kromlech

Kromlech has released new parts for modifying your Orcs.

From their announcement:

Today we have something new for greenskins. Below you can see three new shotguns ideal for orc soldiers.

Designed by Marcin “Majster” Szmyt.

  • warpcrafter

    Show me where in the Orks Codex they get to use shotguns. Because if they did, and the rules were decent, I would buy the s**t out of these things. They are great bits, but there’s no use for them. How about some snazzguns for Flash Gitz?

  • Bellygrub

    There’s no reason why they can’t be used as shootas.

  • Borzag

    Personally I’m gonna be running these as Kannons in Gorkamorka 🙂

    • blackfang

      Ditto. They are a great match.