Orc Juggernaut Mecha-Armours released from Kromlech

By Polar_Bear
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Feb 18th, 2013

Kromlech brings the pain to the tabletop with the release of their new Orc Juggernaut Mecha-Armors squad.

From the release:

We are very happy and proud to announce that our new Orc Juggernaut Mecha Armours are finally out.

They are available as a single model (note that only two pairs of weapons are available when choosing this option).

You can also buy them as a set of three models with all the different pieces (including all three weapon sets) and a strip with all five head options.
Hope you enjoy them!

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  • blkdymnd

    Funny, that so many companies offer better GW options than GW, for cheaper. These are fantastic. If 40k’s ruleset weren’t so horrible, I might start a Kromlech ork army

    • PirateViking

      Gaah! This drives me nuts, so you hate 40k SO WHAT? You like these figures? Use them for SOMETHING ELSE! Buy them, use them with whatever game system you damn well please because otherwise you commented just to whine about GW and to give a 3 word praise to these figures!

      In other news, yeah, these are really nice and certainly beat out the at least 10 year old metal models.

      • blkdymnd

        Just an observation, take your blood pressure medication

    • 4tonmantis

      I’m with PirateViking.. I get what you’re saying.. I own mega armor from 2nd and 3rd edition.. and it’s in dire need of an update. I do submit that if you like this.. why not simply buy one to build and paint. Model building is a hobby by itself.

    • AKE

      It’s usually easier and cheaper to copy someone else’s work than it is was make the original.

      • metalsifter

        Which is basically what GW did for everything they have, it pretty much their business model.

        • mathieu

          GW has been taking inspiration from all media to come up with their miniatures and settings, but very few of their models are taken straight from (or even just strongly inspired from) other models from other ranges. There’s a huge difference between looking at Alien/Giger or Terminator to come up with entire ranges of sculptures heavily inspired from these sources, and producing a handful of miniatures that are mere variations of existing ones from another manufacturer. In one case there is a significant, sustained creative input, in the other there isn’t.

          So no, GW is definitely not in the business of copying anybody else’s work.

          • TomasT

            When it all started, GW was supposed to be the general agent for Ral Partha in Europe.
            After stalling for quite a while they suddenly released miniatures of their own, and cancelled the cooperation with Ral Partha.
            I’d say that they, at least, were in the business of copying.

          • mathieu

            That is possible. Your story lacks details to indicate that they were indeed copying anything, but I don’t know these details and have no problem admitting that it is not implausible.

            However it doesn’t change anything to the fact that very few models in the range they sell now are even inspired from existing models from other manufacturers. There are many things that the GW folks do horribly wrong and that they can be blamed for already, they really need no help inventing reasons to fuel the hate 😉

  • Soulfinger

    Lovely, especially at $20 a pop.

  • Greyhound

    These are exactly half price from the Australian GWS price tag…
    I had to get them. I will start with 3 and build up from there.