Onward to Stretch Goals

Spectre Miniatures made it up and over their funding goal for their modern military miniatures.
Onward to stretch goals for the next 26 days.

Private Military Contractors


From them to you:

WE DID IT! We’d like to say a huge and excited thank you to all of you who have backed us so far, this has been an incredible two days and we’re overwhelmed by the huge amount of support that has been expressed! Spectre the dream is now a reality thanks to you, and we hope more of you will be joining the fight to make this range hit the ground sprinting!

Now that the funding goal has been reached, the unlocks are the next target. We hope that now that the range is a certainty, more of you will join us, and those of you who have already pledged will continue to support us. There’s much more to come!

From everyone who has worked on the Spectre range, we’d like to thank you once again. We are simply overjoyed!