One Ring upgrade imminent

By tgn_admin
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Aug 17th, 2010
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The One Ring website will soon be undergoing an upgrade.

From their announcement:

The One Ring community website will start the process of upgrading the site’s forum software to address issues about security after a recent hacking attack.

This upgrade will commence on Saturday 21st August just after midnight GMT, so the site will be offline while this takes place. The forums will (hopefully) be back within a day, albeit in a very basic format and work on completing the upgrade will then continue with various features being added one at a time over the next few months (it’s complex).

We will be reporting our progress on the site, on Twitter and on Facebook, in order to keep everyone informed. Unfortunately, this means the annual OR Awards will need to be postponed until after the upgrade is finished.

Sorry everyone, but it needs to be done.

(Dagorlad – One Ring Administrator)