One Page 40k

One Page Rules has their one page rules version of 40k and Kill Team up on their website. They’re working on rules versions for Titanfall as well.

One Page 40k


From the website:

Right now we have released two projects (One Page 40k and One Page 40k Kill Team), which are great rulesets to create exciting battles. Kill Team in particular has been a blast, which has features such as a “push” mechanic that let’s you kick your enemies off of buildings or into deadly machinery, and we have been getting a lot of positive feedback.

  • Toyznthehood

    I count 16 pages 🙂

  • KelRiever

    I have 40k in only a few lines:

    Player 1 and Player 2 roll off to see who goes first. The player going first rolls a die. on a 2+ they win. Otherwise the player who goes second wins.

    Special rule: If you have an army that hasn’t been updated in the past year, you automatically lose.

    Cost of the above rules:” $75 in hardcover book format, $75.49 in e-book format.