On The Lamb Games price increase

On The Lamb Games are increasing the prices of some of their miniatures.

From their announcement:

We’ve been informed by our replicator that our tin costs are going to be going up. This unfortunately means that we have to adjust prices on a few boxes and blisters. Effective January 1st, 2011 the following SKUs will have their prices increased.

  • Aquitar Mole Tactician Hero Blister $6.99 Now $9.99
  • Aquitar Gopher Engineer Troop Blister $9.99 Now $11.99
  • Mare-Civitas Juan of Brisica Exemplar Blister $6.99 Now $9.99
  • Mare-Civitas Capybara Capitaine Hero Blister $14.99 Now $16.99
  • Ribenguo Otter Ashigaru Troop Squad Box $29.99 Now $34.99
  • Vandalands Hamster Berserker Troop Squad Box $24.99 Now $29.99

In addition to this we regretfully must discontinue the current Badger-At-Claw model (BFHR0001 / BFHR0001-B). Due to its ‘Surf Board’ the model is just not justifiable for its price. We will be having the model resculpted and remolded asap, but for the time being the model will not be available as a Squad Box or Blister. The current model will remain available in the Aquitar Warband until the new model is ready.