On the Lamb Games previews Void Crystal Chest on Kickstarter

On the Lamb Games continues to go over on Kickstarter with 19 days still left in the campaign. Plenty of time to get up to some new Crystal chests. The latest one they’re previewing is the Void Crystal Chest.

From the update:

This chest will be unlocked at $30k along with the Miasma chest.

We’re getting pretty close to the first stretch goal, and we’ve updated the Quick-Kickstarter Rules PDF linked in the Play the Game update. This weekend we’ll be at The Warstore Weekend, so if you’re in the area make sure to stop by and say hi!

  • blkdymnd

    Yay! I’d up my pledge if I wasn’t already maxed

  • thetang22

    Here we go – I was getting a little confused with the last couple updates showing relatively unique ideas. It’s good to see we’ve found the comfort zone again with the Chemist, Thief, and Monk. Go Final Fantasy, go!

    • CyfnosBlaidd

      Birds have to fly
      Fish have to swim
      Haters have to hate

      I mean really have you seen the art of the area of games? The monks in shining force look similar to that too. If fact a lot of concept art of the area has the same esthetics and feel to them. Which is what they up front admitted to having the the inspired by an era of games ranging from shining force, bahamut lagoon, tactics ogre, fft and several other games that shoe horned the word tactic into their title. Take a good look at the art the era used, or don’t and continue be a broken record.

      • thetang22

        I have looked. And I’ve participated in very in-depth discussions on other forums about the very things you are talking about, presenting very valid arguments to support the position you see me taking here.