On the Lamb Games previews artwork for Gecko Rider for Scyzantium

By Polar_Bear
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Aug 27th, 2012

On the Lamb Games has a new piece of concept art up for their upcoming Gecko Rider for Scyzantium. Theirs are systems I’m definitely looking more into lately.

From the preview:

New piece of concept artwork from Heath Foley, the Gecko Rider troop for Scyzantium.

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  • Grindar

    As if it wasn’t hard enough to resist hamster barbarians and badger-at-arms…now the game has geckos riding turtles? it’s a really good thing for my wallet these guys haven’t hit ACD or Alliance, then my local shops could get them…

    • Polar_Bear

      At GenCon, I picked up 2 Chipmunk Gatling gun crews and played that one demo. I’ll be looking into picking up more in the near future.

    • Alliance turned us down us twice now, despite being rather interested at Gencon.

      We’re in talks with two other US Distributors and a UK one though, and we do sell to stores directly with fairly painless terms.

  • Try Warpath if you have not already. I worked with Shaw when helping Kraken out and he seemed a good guy to work with and willing to deal with smaller companies.

    • They bought some stuff from us a about 2 years ago, but we haven’t heard from them since.