On the Lamb Games introduces Chain for Endless Fantasy Tactics

On the Lamb Games introduces us to another denizen of the Endless Fantasy Tactics world. Say hello to Chain.

From the meet-n-greet:

Cursed by destiny, Chain has lived a thousand different lives, and remembers them all. Chain began this eternal cycle by defeating the Dark Lord in a distant, possible future. With the help of Queen Ezmera, ruler of the Kingdom of Wugin, and the Crystal of Time, Chain sealed the three of them within the Crystal for all eternity.

Unfortunately the spell was imperfect, and the Dark Lord escaped back into reality, shattering the Crystal of Time into thousands of shards. Queen Ezmera and Chain were hurtled back in time to relive their mission once a century. After countless quests and lives, Chain will eventually return to his present and defeat the Dark Lord for a final time. Until then, Chain collects magical artifacts, explores temples and dungeons, and searches for a way to repair the damage done to continuity.

  • mathieu

    How so original and creative…

    • CyfnosBlaidd

      I feel that you are being a bit to critical.
      After all, it is an Homage game.
      That has been known from the get go, well before the kickstater.
      Here is a snippet from the kickstater “With a focus on boutique anime style miniatures and an art aesthetic hearkening back to console RPGs of the 90s, …”
      Even the hint names give away to whom the homage heroes will be.

  • thetang22

    It looks like Willie Nelson was smoking a J, and woke up in Hyrule 🙂