On the Lamb Games announces Endless Fantasy Tactics

On the Lamb announced a new game at the GAMA gaming convention: Endless Fantasy Tactics. Here’s some concept art as well as a completed Wizard.

From the announcement:

A new game announced at GAMA Trade Show by On The Lamb Games; Endless Fantasy ~Tactics~ is a hexed based tactical fantasy miniatures game with a strong JRPG vibe. EFT will feature 40mm sculpts by Daniel Fokine and artwork from Noah Page, the first sculpt and several pieces of artwork were shown at GTS. More will be shown at Adepticon next month, along with demos. We’ll be having a kickstarter for the game soon as well.

  • Soulfinger

    This looks suspiciously like a Super Dungeon Explore clone with a snapshot of a druid venerating a . . . is that a mushroom?

    • That would our Sorcerer, more of a Wild Mage then a Druid, the Droods will come later.

      We were concerned about the connection to SDE, which why we held from announcing the project until after SDE’s release, and having a chance to try it. EFT is a completely different beast, more akin to Skirmish games then SDE. Both games do take influence from classic video games though.

      Please excuse any typos/grammar I’m on my phone waiting for a post GAMA flight. 🙂

      • Soulfinger

        I appreciate the response and hope that all went well for you at GAMA. You are definitely going out on a limb though with a hex-based 40mm skirmish game. Reminds me a little of the Fantasy Flight incarnation of Mutant Chronicles, which did not perform well at all. Also, maybe it’s just the camera angle, etc. etc., but the anime/video game look doesn’t seem to carry over from the concept art to the miniature sculpt.

  • Veritas

    I might be interested if it wasn’t 40mm. I’m not a fan of games over 28mm.

    • thetang22

      Bingo. It’s a shame too, because the game seems like it would be fun at a glance.

      • Veritas

        Actually, the concept of a larger model doesn’t bother me. I have a couple of SMOG figs just for display, but I’d never play a game over 28mm. Why? I don’t want to make the terrain. 28mm terrain is already large to make it believable; 40mm terrain would be even bigger and wouldn’t work with stuff I already have built.

  • Space Ghost

    Good luck, the concept looks interesting. For me too, 40mm is a non-starter. With 28mm, I could use the miniatures with the rest of my collection and terrain if the game ended up not appealing (or even if it did).

  • blkdymnd

    Well, me not being a scale snob, I like the looks of it so far 😉

    • thetang22

      Would you still like it is it was in standard scale? Yep. Which begs the question – why isolate all the people who DO care about the scale (there are quite a few)? Doing so just eliminates potential customers.

  • LegoRick

    It looks and sounds great, though the 40mm isn’t selling it any better for me. I would prefer a 28mm max, but I’d have to see more first to make any absolute judgement.

  • Space Ghost

    It’s not so much being a scale snob, or necessarily a preference of one scale over another. My existing collection of fantasy miniatures are already 28mm, and I have and play rules that allow me to use what figures I like from different manufacturers. Now, there are always variations between different manufacturers, and I can tolerate a decent amount of variation – after all real people vary in size – the but the difference in height and heft of 40 & 28mm is a bit too much to use on the table together. Now, if I had started out in 40mm … if the likes of Reaper, Confrontation, GW, Anima Tactics, MageKnight, Rusted Heroes, Warmachine, Black Tree Design, Mantic, Rusted Heroes, and Valiant been in 40mm, and these new offerings in 28mm, I’d be saying the same thing….

  • P-ko

    This looks promising. And considering most “28mm” models these days are closer to 35mm, the scale shouldn’t be that visible.

  • Hey folks, I just posted a couple of comparison pictures on DakkaDakka between the EFT Sorcerer green and a few models from Mantic, GW, Privateer Press, Reaper, and Wyrd.