Omni Tact Board Game Up On Kickstarter

Omni GENEius is running a Kickstarter campaign for Omni Tact, their new strategy board game. Players take on the role of the head of their country’s defense department. You must protect your country as well as work to expand your own borders. The game is up on Kickstarter right now.

Actually, saying, “the game” is a bit of a misnomer. Omni Tact has a “Pro” and “Family” version and can be played with players as young as 6. There’s also multiple missions you can play, each one giving you new options and win conditions. So there’s plenty of extra gaming to be had.

The campaign is up and running now with still 19 days left to go.


  • Hi,

    Thanks for the above post. The above description above is not a representation of the game.

    Please check out the Kickstarter Campaign for more information.


    ‘OMNI TACT’, a patriotic defence game with modern
    tactics. OMNI TACT is a new patent-pending 2 player board game with far more spaces to tactically maneuver in a single board game, stretching your mind power (IQ) and imagination to newer levels, OMNI TACT is simple and new exciting patriotic defence, strategy game.

    TACT puts players in the role of a leader with a Defence Unit under their command. Use your wits and tactical knowledge to strategically place your troops around the map and play 3 simple strategic games; or shuffle the mission cards, or selectively undertake any of the 9 daring missions on a global scale. The game involves rescuing fellow Unit
    members, defending targets, transporting supplies, securing zones of strategic importance, rescuing companion units and civilians, escorting soldiers to tactical rendezvous points and collecting mission bounties.

    Complete missions successfully to earn OMNI TACT rewards/stars, and, as your achievements and accomplishments grow, climb your way up to the very top of the defence ranks!

    A breakthrough in Strategic Board games: Tactical thinking, spatial awareness and planning ahead are valuable skills that certain types of games can enhance, which is possible through Omni TACT and Footy Smart.

    This game helps to develop logic skills, strategic thinking and
    forward-planning, as well as bringing logic, strategy and tactics onto the modern battlefield. Using bold and clean, specially-designed tokens on a fresh & simple, yet sophisticated perspective grid.

    Omni-Tact encourages IQ advancement through the use of tactical defending, maneuvering and thinking ahead. The game has a solid method for rewarding and promoting game players using stars and medals that give a sense of patriotic achievement throughout the game, from start to finish.

    The game has 12 exciting and challenging missions for players to undertake, making it very replayable and engaging for hours on end. hours on end.

    OMNI TACT promotes logical thinking, tactical planning and forward thinking common to classic board games such as Chess and Checkers, and encourages intelligent decision-making that is beneficial even outside the game. With 12 different, exciting missions, a rewarding system of achievement and optimal re-playability. Everyone can enjoy this IQ-enhancing game for hours on end.


    Shalin Pinto