Olleys Armies Thunderhawk Bike deal

Olleys Armies is offering a discount on their Thunderhawk Bike figure.

Thunderhawk Bike

From their announcement:

Hello All, for three weeks only save £5 GBP on the Scrunt Thunderhawk Jetbike, available for only £14.99 GBP. Offer ends on 1 April.

The Miniature is cast in high quality metal and requires very minimal assembly, Length 100mm X Height 70mm, Weight 260g.

This casting is for use with Olleys Armies earlier 28mm scale Scrunt miniatures (SF Dwarves)

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  • Doc

    Interesting choice of name!
    I wonder if a TM claim will be made…

    • Zac

      Can we leave the legal comments off the site please. I really have grown tired of them.

      • Doc

        sadly it is a reality of our hobby, dislike or loathe it (and I’m in the latter group.)
        if a claim was made it might push Bob back over the edge into retirement!

        • Zac

          I doubt anyone would be able to make a trademark claim that broad

          • Doc

            ha! GW used to have it as a TM, but I’m guessing they pulled it (at the time I saw it posted the TM was also claimed by Tonka for one fo their trucks).

          • Zac

            Seems like it would have been a pretty limited TM to try to protect. Or maybe someone else had it first 🙂