Old Guard Publishing launches Zombie Plague card game Kickstarter

By Polar_Bear
In Card Games
Feb 20th, 2013

Old Guard Publishing has launched their Kickstarter campaign in order to fund their Zombie Plague card game. Go have yourself a look, but be sure to go armed.

From the campaign:

Everyone knows the zombie apocalypse is coming. The only question is how prepared will you be?

Zombie Plague is a card and dice game for 2-6 players that tests each player’s ability to prepare for and survive the zombie apocalypse.
There are two phases to each game of Zombie Plague: stockpiling and survival. In the stockpiling phase, each player will build up their cache of supplies while trying to whittle down their opponents with everything from natural disasters to sabotage. Players continue stockpiling until the zombies show up, and then it’s on! During the survival phase, each player will be forced to deal with a steadily dwindling cache of supplies as they fight off hordes of zombies until only one player remains.

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  • Sevej

    Does this have anything to do with Zombie Plague board game? If not, they should get a new name…

  • Soulfinger

    o Same generic name as a recent Kickstart project? Check!
    o Picture of designer’s Ren-Faire girlfriend on the cover? Check!
    o Box cover and contents formatted in Microsoft Word? Check!
    o “Received the initial samples” from the printer, but photos on KS appear to be mock-ups? Check!
    o Sample cards illustrated with Google images? Check!
    o Luck listed first as a factor for determining a winner? Check!
    o Self published product tie-in that doesn’t come up first on Amazon even when you search for it specifically by title? Check!
    o Totally unrealistic ship date for contracting genuine artwork and turning the mock-up into a finished, play-tested product? Check, check, and double check!

    This looks like a winner! We need look no further than WotC’s recent White Box set to see that retro is in, and there’s nothing more retro than games with staggeringly bad production values. Like Super Deck! or Towers in Time, this game will be remembered for generations to come.

    • cama

      Here comes a return to the bad old days!

      I’m just about to get my “Morrow Project: Twilight 2000” kickstarter going – want in? Extraordinary people, ordinary game!

      I gauge my plauge by level of misspelling!

    • *giggles

    • KelRiever

      I will only mock them if they charge more than $5 for this.

      Honestly, they are asking for $600. Which sounds about right if I was printing this stuff out at home and then selling it. And that isn’t a mockery either. Its just saying it looks like a Cheap Ass Game level production.

      Now, if they start telling me the cards cost more because they are made of resin, I’ll quickly recognize a certain other marketing strategy which is full of fail…

      • Soulfinger

        Well, the game is $20 a pack, which is the equivalent price for 285 Magic cards, but with this one there’s the cost of bandwidth for downloading the images from Google, paying the Amish guy to stand in the background on the cover, ummm . . . licensing for Microsoft Word . . . uhhh . . . you know, business stuff. It’s totally worth it!

  • cama

    I almost forgot: PULL MY SOULFINGER!

  • estrus

    Even I (who DEVOUR most anything undead) pretty much said nope to this one.

    • TomasT

      In their defense, they didn’t ask for a gazillion dollars.

  • Osiris

    Uh, there is already a miniature board game called Zombie Plague. It came out like 10 years ago, and the most recent edition was successfully funded on Kickstarter a few months ago.



  • The world REALLY NEEDS another zombie game… we got world scale contagion zombie games, tactical zombie games,social zombie games, cooperative zombie games, competitive zombie games, survival zombie games, miniature zombie games, card zombie games, crappy zombie games and even original and fun zombie games (only one or two)… we even have zombie expansions for almost any game that can be zombified… so What is the point on ANOTHER zombie game?

    The theme is so burned out… why people go through any effort to make a new Zombie game? and the most important, why doing such an effort when the idea, implementation and overall look of the game is so un-creative and boring?

    Sorry for the rough words, but that’s whay I really think. I could support any new zombie game on KS, for real! but it has to be really new, original and challenging to catch my attention.

  • Roebeast45

    This project is in no way connected to Zombie Plague from RSquared Studios. I’ve sent the creator an email so hopefully they will pull the campaign and start it with a different name.

    • Soulfinger

      Are you sure? Because I can barely tell the difference. Oh well, maybe the next time around they’ll come up with something better like “Zombicide?” which is distinct because it ends with a question mark, or “Last night on Earth (Not!)”

      • Soulfinger

        Looks like Roebeast45 got his wish. Zombie Plague is now “Zombie: The New Plague,” although I am willing to bet that half of the contents will still read “Zombie Plague” if/when the game ships.

        And hey, I just realized that you illustrated Zombie Plague (the other one), and that your user name isn’t meant to imply that you are 45-year-old man who is hard core into caviar. Nice blog, great art, and mad painting skills. Hats off to you! Also, high five to a fellow Indiana resident who has heard of “Sloppy Seconds” — the band, I’m not getting weird.

  • cama

    I’m thinking of doing a Kickstarter for my new game called “The Walking Tead” about a lonely zombie named Ted who finds love amongst the humans. And he was a sherriff before waking up a zombie and stuff. It’s all original. And he has a friend named Bill, who’s also a zombie, and they have Bill and Tead’s Excellent Adventure!

    I’m thinking of Keanu Reeves for one of the actors.

    • Soulfinger

      I was going to do a pitch to Guillotine Games for “Zombicide 2: Electric Boogaloo” in which a wealthy zombie land developer is threatening to destroy an inner city community center, and the only way to stop him is to break dance, and also there are zombies but I’m still a little fuzzy on that part. In one of the alternate scenarios, you have to enter a skiing contest to save the community center, and those beserker zombies they had introduced a little while back are driving vampire pick-up trucks (the vintage red kind like Bella drives in Twilight) while throwing empty beer bottles at you. Also, all of the player characters are characters from Charles in Charge.

    • KelRiever

      Stop it! My idea for a game was, ‘Zombies are everywhere,’ because in my game, the zombies would be everywhere. And they would be too. See, the problem with games these days is they let the survivors run around, killing zombies. Thereby removing the horror. My game would be THE FIRST ZOMBIES BOARD GAME WITH NO BOARD. What it is, see, is that you set up your survivors, and then you start placing zombies all around the survivors and touching them. There’s like a hundred zombies for each survivor. And what it is, is, if you can fight your way to the edge of the zombies without dying, you win. Because then the zombies are slow and stuff and we all know all survivors would be able to survive in the wilderness because that’s what us people did before zombies. Well at least because we weren’t surrounded by them. All survivors look hot, by the way, and wear belly shirts. Both the women and the men. And some of the zombies have belly shirts too.

      Maybe I should call it, “Belly Shirt zombies are everywhere!”

      • Soulfinger

        That’s way better than my other game, “Just One Zombie,” in which there is just one zombie, the players kill it, and then everyone takes turns expressing how they felt about it and how they feel about each other, until things turn ugly and they turn on each other and say hurtful things. It’s kind of like “Walking Dead,” except less awful. I figure White Wolf would publish it.

        • KelRiever

          😀 Hilarious

        • cama

          LOLZ! Pull my Soulfinger!