Old Crow sell Ainsty ranges

Old Crow Models have sold the Ainsty range of vehicles and terrain to another party.

From their website:

As of the 1st of February 2011, Old Crow Models no longer owns the Ainsty ranges. They have been sold to another trader who will be relaunching them soon. Once details have been finalised, a link to his website will be posted here.

Thank you to all of you who have supported the Ainsty products under the Old Crow banner. We wish the new owner well for the future.

  • supervike

    Ainsty has a ton of great stuff, as does Old Crow.

  • maestro

    really hope this isn’t why my 3-month old order with old crow for ainsty products still hasn’t arrived…

    • Tommygun

      I have ordered a lot of good stuff from them.
      They can be a little slow at times.

      I hope this means they will have more time for their Armor range of models?

  • antenociti

    the ainsty range is very big, I imagine it was a huge drain on Jez’s time just managing all of those moulds on top of his own lines, hence the increase in time on production of orders.

    He’s possibly just giving himself some breathing space, remember he has a new little-un now as well, so hes probably rather tired atm!

    I cant imagine it impacting existing orders though maestro.

  • maestro

    unfortunately it’s your excellent service, antenociti, who is making Old Crow look bad – you’ve turned around two orders from the UK, both before Christmas, since I placed the order with Old Crow back in November!!!

    • Zac

      Jez has had an alert on his site for some time

      Due to a surge in work, Old Crow orders are taking longer than normal to process. The current period from receipt of an order until dispatch is:


      Please accept my apologies for these delays, I’m working flat out to try to catch up. Jez