Ogres and Underworlds Monster Sample Pack Now Available

New Realms Publishing has posted a free Monster Sample Pack for Ogres and Underworlds. Why not go check it out?

Sample Pack


From the release:

Ogres and Underworlds Monster Sample Pack provides you with a free sample monster from the upcoming Ogres and Underworlds Monstrous Encounters, for the Ogres and Underworlds RPG, by New Realms Publishing. Monstrous Encounters will bring you a collection of monsters for your Ogres and Underworlds games. With complete statistics and descriptions for a wide range of monsters, including many of the creatures from the Universal Adventures Encounter Deck, Monstrous Encounters will allow you to quickly design adventures and encounters for your Ogres and Underworlds games.

Assemble your party, gather your gear and prepare to enter a new world of fantasy adventure with Ogres and Underworlds! Ogres and Underworlds is a new, fun and exciting role-playing game of old school fantasy adventure. With Ogres and Underworlds you can create the characters you want to play, characters that are always able to change and develop, becoming part of the fantasy setting they inhabit, design adventures to challenge those characters and surprise even the most veteran gamer, create monsters as you imagine them to be, and more! Ogres and Underworlds is a game of old school adventure where everything can be as new as the first time you ever played a fantasy rpg and nothing needs to be the “same old.” Play a game where you can once again face the unknown, where every adventure can be full of wonder and surprise. Play Ogres and Underworlds and explore new worlds of wonder, magic and adventure!

  • Soulfinger

    Normally I’m a fan of minimalist, home-brew design, but . . . well, I guess the only way I could see myself buying (even for free) something with cover art like this is if I were part of a cult and this was required cultist reading, like De Vermis Mysteriis or Dianetics. Even then, I’d suggest that the cultist in charge of graphic design have his midichlorians rechecked.

    Someone did a red gradient tool for the background and slapped on some clip art that includes a knight standing with his back to the monster. Hey Lancelot, there’s something from a Ralph Bakshi movie behind you!!! Same art for the rulebook. And it is “by J”? That’s not a pseudonym, that’s the letter of the day on Sesame Street. Why do people keep trying to reinvent old D&D when you can get the ‘premium’ reprints of the 1st edition books for around $14 on Miniature Market?