Official Zombicide Paint Sets coming this Summer

The Army Painter has teamed up with CoolMiniOrNot to create an official line of paints for the Zombicide board game series.


From the announcement:

CoolMiniOrNot have partnered up with Kvasir Innovations & The Army Painter to develop and produce custom paint sets for the popular Zombicide board games by Guillotine Games. This exciting collaboration will at first spawn two paint sets: The Zombie Core Paint Set and a Toxic/Prison supplement paint set.

The two amazing paint sets are scheduled to be released at GenCon, August 2014.

  • KelRiever

    Rolling the eyes here.

  • estrus

    no no no.. you ROLL the dice, you PAINT the eyes! :p

  • Soulfinger

    I hope they include brown.

    • Soulfinger

      Oooh! Just heard a rumor that it includes red!

  • IndyMike

    Glad to see this need finally being addressed.

  • In an email from one of the game designers, I was told the miniatures were board game minis and were “not ‘meant’ to be painted in the first place”. This was in response to my hope that higher res metal or resin versions would eventually be released for painters/collectors. Regarding the higher res minis he said “creating such resin products is not out of reach… but not now.” That was December.

    This leaves me to conclude one of the following is the case: 1) CMON pressured the Zombicide designers into this (most likely). 2) This is in preparation for the ‘painters edition figs’ I had hoped for (unlikely). 3) The lot of them are greedy and untruthful (least likely).

    For what it’s worth, the paint set itself is just another product out on the market, and there’s nothing wrong that. But what this release means to the direction Zombicide is going is more interesting.

    • Soulfinger

      Or, most likely, there was consumer interest. Plenty of people paint their board game quality figures.

      • You’re right. The worst thing about this website is the inability to edit your comments. For the record, I wish I hadn’t even put option 3. It sounded different in my head.

        • Soulfinger

          I also wish there were an edit feature. Fortunately, the smart and very handsome Polar Bear takes care of editing my comments for me.

          (Got that for you, Soul-y) 😀