Official Sorcery RPG Tabletop Game Kickstarter happening now

TTI has launched a Kickstarter for the official Sorcery RPG tabletop game based on the popular tablet game.


From the campaign:

We launched the official Sorcery RPG tabletop game with dice, tiles, miniatures, tokens and book. Play solo or with up to 9 players. Complete with rules.

  • roninjotatan

    and its gone!

  • Soulfinger

    Best guess off-hand, is it looks like they were originally trying to offer the Inked Adventures map sets without permission of the manufacturer, who called them on it. They switched to Paizo’s map sets, offered ‘through their local hobby store,’ as part of the offering, probably without really factoring in how that was going to eat around $15 out of each pledge. So, $30 for color printed rulebook plus 2 sets of map tiles, leaves them $15 to produce and ship the rulebook.