Off travelling

Tomorrow the TGN Editorial Staff, and dog, will be packing up and heading into the vast northern wastes as part of our traditional Christmas trip to the relatives. Internet access will be very intermittent and if the weather is bad it will be non-existent.

I will be making an effort to log in on Friday to close off the Reader’s Choice Polls and post the winners but other than that news and other activity here will potentially grind to a halt until I return home. I will be taking some time to write a review of two and also just relax and try to consume an unhealthy amount of Eggnog.

That also means that if the site comes to a halt while I am away it might be down for a day or two before I can get to it. If it happens then think of it as an excuse to paint or annoy your loved ones with stories of that time you rolled three critical hits in a roll in a game that didn’t even use them. Take that Napoleon!


I hope that everyone has a happy and relaxing holiday and that whatever spirit brings Xmas goodies to your home treats you well.