Oddzial Osmy’s Latest 3mm and 15mm Releases Arrive in the US

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Sep 29th, 2014

PicoArmor, your exclusive place to get Oddzial Osmy in the US, has their latest releases now available over in their webshop.


From the post:

PicoArmor (Oddzial Osmy’s exclusive North American distributor) is pleased to announce that Oddzial Osmy’s 3mm and 15mm August and September releases are in stock and available to order.

SA-6104 IMR & IRM Zhuk (7+7 pcs) – engineering vehicles

MN-630 Otokar Cobra (15 pcs) – Turkish made armoured car

BW-629 Iltis (15 pcs) – German small 4×4 car

CH-601 Type 69 MBT (15 pcs) – Chinese “clone” of T-55
CH-602 Type 63 APC (15 pcs) – tracked APC
CH-603 Type 83 SPH (15 pcs) – self-propelled 152mm howitzer
CH-604 Type 89 APC (15 pcs) – tracked APC, improved version of Type 63 vehicle
CH-605 Type 62 LT (15 pcs) – Chinese light tank based on T-55 design

WBR-661 Westland Whirlwind (8 pcs) – twin engine fighter
WBR-662 Ram Kangaroo (15 pcs) – turretless Canadian Ram tank, used as a troop carrier

WUS-646 F-6F Hellcat (8 pcs) – famous US Navy deck fighter
WUS-647 TBF Avenger (8 pcs) – carrier based torpedo bomber
WUS-648 Pack Howitzer M1A1 (15 pcs) – portable 75mm howitzer

GW-610 French infantry (late) I (15 pcs) – rifle armed infantry in helmets and greatcoats
GW-611 French infantry (late) II (15 pcs) – machine guns and command
GW-612 Mk IV ‘Female’ (15 pcs) – British Mark IV tank – MG only version

PSF-620 Centaurus GEV (15 pcs) – fast, armed hovercraft
PSF-621 Xenos I (15 pcs) – alien creatures
PSF-622 Xenos II (15 pcs) – alien creatures
PSF-623 Halier AC (15 pcs) – recon/patrol armoured car

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