Oddzial Osmy’s 3mm May releases available at PicoArmor

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Jun 17th, 2011

PicoArmor now have stock of the May 2011 3mm miniature releases from Oddzial Osmy.

Bushmaster IMV

From their announcement:

PicoArmor is pleased to announce that Oddzial Osmy’s 3mm May releases are now in stock and available.

  • SA-685 2S6 Tunguzka (15 pcs) – Tracked AA vehicle armed with missiles and 30 mm guns
  • SA-686 Ka-25 Hormone (8 pcs) – Soviet naval helicopter
  • MN-619 Bushmaster IMV (15 pcs) – Australian wheeled armored transport vehicle
  • UK-630 Land Rover 109 (15 pcs) – Legendary off-road British vehicle
  • US-671 A-4C Skyhawk (8 pcs) – Carrier based ground-attack aircraft
  • BW-627 Alpha Jet (8 pcs) – Light attack and trainer jet aircraft
  • WBR-655 Humber Scout Car (15 pcs) – Light scout armored car
  • WSU-646 Stalinets S-65 (15 pcs) – Heavy agricultural tractor, thousands used by Red Army
  • WJA-610 Type 38 75mm (15 pcs) – Standard Japanese field gun
  • TR-605 Ruins I (6 pcs) – Ruined house/workshop
  • TR-606 Ruins II (6 pcs) – Ruined house
  • TR-607 Ruins III (6 pcs) – Ruined house

  • Those are some pretty impressive sculpts for a (rather silly) scale like that!

  • Chameleon

    Most of the sculpts in the line are good to very good (and inexpensive to boot). The scale lends itself well to use in games where one vehicle or base represents a platoon, company, or battalion; multiple small vehicles on a single base looks very good (and decidedly different) when running multi-based units on the gaming table.