October Rusted Heroes releases

Fantization Miniatures have released several new figures, and are taking pre-orders for others, for their Rusted Heroes fantasy skirmish game.

From their announcement:

The October new Rusted Heroes miniatures are now available and shipping.  The new releases include “The White Knight” for the Knights of the Rose and “Varu’Flur the Beast Within – Werewolf” for The Ancients.  You can also pre-order the November and December upcoming releases “Rhinah of the Wild, Female Shaman & Totem of the Dead” for the Norse Invaders and “Brahn Life Cleaver, Champion” for the Norse Invaders too.  All of these minis are supplied with a round lipped base and their character cards used for the Rusted Heroes Skirmish Game.

New Release:
RHM1010 – The White Knight – Knights of the Rose
RHM5004 – Varu’Flur the Beast Within, Werewolf – The Ancients

November Pre-order
RHM3006 – Rhinah of the Wild w/ Totem of the Dead, Female Shamen – Norse Invaders (x2 figs)

December Pre-order
RHM3007 – Brahn Life Cleaver, Champion – Norse Invaders