October releases for Infinity

Corvus Belli have posted details of their October 2010 releases for Infinity.

Ariadna Métros (Rifle, Rifle and Light Grenade Launcher) 13,25 €
The French-Ariadnan basic troopers are back. These reinforcements for the Métros are ready to complete any Merovingian or Ariadnan army list. Armed with a new support weapon, the Light Grenade Launcher, this light infantry’s ability to infiltrate enemy territory opens a range of tactical options. With this new Merovingian release, in October the word “victory” must be written in French.

PanOceania Hexas (Spitfire) 7,75 €
The PanOceanian bad guys have arrived. These Intelligence operators are equipped with Thermo-Optical Camouflage and the best technology to accomplish the secret agenda of the PanOceanian Military and Intelligence High Command. The Hexas lack scruples or conscience. They will do anything necessary as they think that the end, PanOceania’s triumph, always justifies the means.

Haqqislam Saladin, Liaison Officer (Combi Rifle) 7,75 €
This Haqqislamite special character is an AI Recreation of the historical warrior king, created to act as liaison officer between Haqqislam and O-12. Possessing the Strategos Special Skill, Saladin is absolutely necessary to give any Haqqislamite player a positive start in battle. With his enhanced biosynthentic body and advanced AI mind, Saladin is, like his original, one of the finest strategists of the Human Sphere and an excellent warrior, tempered by his legendary chivalry and a merciful character.

Nomads Bakunin Jurisdictional Force (Nomads Sectorial Starter Pack) 33,25 €
A new miniature box containing a compilation of previously released figures. The best choice to start a Sectorial Nomad army from the Bakunin mothership. The Jurisdictional Command of Bakunin is based around self-defense, covert incursion into enemy territory, and limited clandestine activities, applying some of the revolutionary, and often illegal, Praxis developments. In this box you will find: 3 Moderators, with Combi Rifle, the backbone of this Sectorial Army; 1 Zero with Combi Rifle and E/Mauler, the feminine camouflaged infiltrator; 1 Reverend Moira with MULTI Rifle, a female shock operator, equipped with an Optical Disruptor Device; and 1 Sin-Eater Observant with Mk12, a tough defensive trooper with a weapon you can only find exclusively in this box. Revolution is a way of life for the people of Bakunin, and the army of this mothership will protect it, no matter how high the price that must be paid.

Combined Army Yaogat Strike Infantry 24,00 €
Here you have another new Infinity unit box from which you can construct an Infinity Fireteam of these specialized Morat Medium Infantry, using the Link Troops rule. The Yaogat is the Morat spec-ops unit with the worst reputation amongst human troops. Their mission is to hunt down hidden enemies, but these fierce aliens don’t discriminate between soldiers and non-combatants, for them the only good human is a dead human.