October Anima Tactics releases

Fantasy Flight Games have posted a list of the October 2010 Anima Tactics releases.

CS2036 Morrigan $59.99
In more than seven centuries of history, Samael has had among its members the strangest of entities. With the possible exception of the Fallen Angels themselves, none of these beings can be compared to the creature that is Morrigan, Lady of Space and Time. Her origins are a mystery. She is a legend among legends, a being out of dark tales that roams the earth having taken physical form. The most widely believed tale is that she is one of the nine great Demon Queens, born in ancient times from a distortion in existence that gave her consciousness. However, this may simply be another of the many stories inspired by her thousands of years of existence.

CS2037 Female Azur Agent $10.99
The majority of Azur Agents are part of Les Jaeger, the intelligence service of the Azur Alliance, and among their ranks are some of the best fighters and assassins in the world. Masters of the art of fighting and subterfuge, as well as capable of controlling their physical and spiritual energy at the highest level, they are prepared to kill with the same ease with which others people breathe. This is the female version of the Azur Agent figure we have done previously.

CS3037 Tiamat $12.99
“Unique” is the best way to describe Tiamat, the youngest of the four 7th Heaven Knights that serves Elisabetta Bardados. Lazy and A womanizer, but with a god like talent for fighting is also another way. Making him sit up and take things seriously is the last thing his enemies would ever want.