Now Available, Across the Realms: Artifacts and Items #2 Doomrak the Ogre Crusher

New Realms Publishing/a> has posted Across The Realms: Artifacts and Items #2 for you to add to your campaigns.



From the release:

Crafted by dwarves and wielded by barbarian chiefs and heroes, the hammer, Doomrak the Ogre Crusher, is said to bring fortune to the wielder and doom to his enemies. The hammer was lost, though, and lies in a place where only the bravest dare tread. Will you be the next to wield this legendary hammer, or will you fall among the bones of those that came before?

Doomrak the Ogre Crusher is the second in the Across the Realms: Artifacts and Items series from New Realms Publishing. Across the Realms: Artifacts and Items brings you new enchanted objects for your fantasy adventure games. Suitable for any fantasy roleplaying game and stated for Old School games, each edition of Artifacts and Items includes the description and history of the item, abilities, rumors and adventure hooks. Entice the characters with rumors and legends of new items, design new adventures and expand your campaigns with Across the Realms: Artifacts and Items.

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