Novus Design Studio grand opening sale

Novus Design Studio is a new design studio (as the name would imply) that has just opened up its doors to customers. Go check out their new terrain options and take advantage of their grand opening sale.


From the announcement:

Novus Designs Studio, manufacturer of high quality buildings and terrain features in a variety of scales for the miniature gamer.

The company is located in Loveland Colorado and is a web-based, retail only business. Owner/operator is Robert Rumfelt, founder of JR Miniatures, model designer and master mold maker.

Novus Design Studio is kicking off its Grand Opening with a 14 day pre-order promotional event April
4-18 where gamers and hobby enthusiasts can purchase our products online at discounts ranging from
10-20% off depending on order size and all orders receive free shipping. Bonus! Orders over $150.00 receive an autographed 4 piece set coasters featuring my original WW2 tank artwork at no charge.

Check our website and Facebook Page for all the details
-Thank you!