North Star release new Africa! range figure

North Star have expanded their Africa! range with the release of British South Africa Company Trooper and Ila miniatures.

Ila warriors

From their announcement:

The British South Africa Company sent it’s volunteers into Matabeleland to take over the Kingdom of Lubengula in 1893, and succeeded with the help of the Maxim Machine Gun. This pack of four figures represents the troopers resorting to their side arms, as might have occurred with the tragic Shingani Patrol who were wiped out to a man. The figures can be used for the forces used to crush the Matabele Rebellion of 1896. They can also be used for any British adventurer in the late Victorian era. The figures are 28mm sized, metal and supplied unpainted. They cost £5 for a pack of four.

The Ila are a tribe north of the Zambesi, now modern Zambia. They were fierce warrior herdsmen who were never conquered by the European powers, but accepted British rule peacefully. Before that they had kept their powerful neighbours at bay, defending their cattle against Matabele incursions and their own people from slave raiding Arabs and Ruga-Ruga. The distinct hairstyle was so warriors could see each other travelling through the tall grasslands of the Kafue Flats. This first pack of 4 warriors is the beginning of the range. The figures are 28mm sized, supplied unpainted and made of metal. We are including 8 metal spears in with these figures. A pack of 4 costs £5.50.

The rules we are selling alongside the North Star Africa. figures are ‘Death in the Dark Continent’ by Ruga Ruga publishing. The author Chris Peers has continued to produce free army lists for this set of rules. We have been making them available as free downloads on the Ruga Ruga page of our website, and the new 11th set of lists are available now.
‘Death in the Dark Continent’ costs £12.50.

Coming next there will be more BSAC troopers, more Ila and more Matabele, this time Matabele with firearms for use in the 1896 rebellion. If you want to know more about the Matabele, they will feature in next month Wargames Illustrated, and we have added a small history of this Warrior Kingdom to read on our website.

All the North Star Africa. products are available in the USA from Brigade Games.